Newhall: Newhall 5 Homes For Sale

Newhall 5 consists of a unique mix of condo/apartment living and newer homes. Most of the homes in this area have a beautiful view of sunny Santa Clarita. There is one elementary school , located in the heart of Newhall 5. The 14 freeway is always less than a 5 minute drive from wherever you are in this area. This accessible, friendly part of Santa Clarita offers a wide variety of amenities, including parks, playgrounds, hiking trails, shops, stores and much more! Check out more on the Santa Clarita website.

Area of Newhall 5

Newhall :: Newhall 5 :: Custom Newhall 5

Newhall :: Newhall 5 :: Hidden Knoll

Newhall :: Newhall 5 :: Lantana Hills

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Newhall :: Newhall 5 :: Oak Creek

Newhall :: Newhall 5 :: Sierra Village

Newhall :: Newhall 5 :: The Vistas