Understanding Generation Y/ Millennial Home Buyers

Cherrie & Zach
Published on October 1, 2014

Understanding Generation Y/ Millennial Home Buyers



Fun Facts About Millennial Generation/ Generation Y Home Buyers

Years born 1980-1996 Age 18-34
2nd Largest Population in California behind the baby boomers
On average they send 20 text a day
80% of Gen Y sleep with phone next to pillow
50% of Gen Y are single! Only a quarter are married.
Top jobs selected by Gen Y are Management, Education and Healthcare
Known Generation Y professionals
Marc Zuckerburg
Creator of Facebook
Co Creator of Instagram
38% are homeowners above 26 years old
15% will consult with family to buy a home
52% of them employed or 1/3 have full time jobs and 19% part time
Majority of buyers who bought a home were satisfied with their Realtor because their agent worked hard
As more and more home buyers are using technology to search for homes, understanding who this next generation of purchasers is extremely important. 90% of buyers are starting there search online, 60% of them are open to home buying information through social media. Being able to market homes to this generation is important to getting the most people to see your home, the most offers, and the most amount of money.
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Understanding Generation Y/ Millennial Home Buyers
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