Selling your home with a Top Santa Clarita Realtor, we do what other real estate agents can’t, or won’t, do!

Cherrie &  Zach
Cherrie & Zach
Published on June 7, 2014

Why Should I Sell My Home with a Top Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent?

Selling Your Home is Very Strategic

Selling your home with a professional, full time Realtor makes a difference. Not all Realtors offer the same service. We do what other agents can’t or won’t do for their clients. We believe that a professional experience goes a long way and ensures a smooth home selling process. There s a lot that goes into selling a home. The marketing of the home for sale is essential, but what about the details?  We pride ourselves on the way we strategically sell your home and have many other resources we use to help ensure the least amount of stress for the seller.

“You never get a 2nd chance, to make a first impression” – Deodorant Commercial from the 90’s

This has always been the case in all the years of real estate, but even more so in today’s technology rich real estate landscape. More than 90% of buyers are beginning their search online, it has been this way for years, but more than 60% are doing this through mobile now. With all the resources for people to search for homes from their phone, and the notifications they get as soon as a new home hits the market with their criteria, we better make sure the homes presentation (ie photos and description for said mobile sites) is top notch…or we chance losing them as soon as the home hits the “online market”. We have carefully thought this process through and created strategies to get the very best from your home.

Staging your home-

Home Stager- We offer a free home staging consultation. Our home stager will walk through the home with you and give you ideas to enhance the appearance of your home. First impression is everything. Our goal is to utilize what you have in the home and minimize any additional clutter.

Professional Photography-

Selling your home in today’s market means that a buyer may be judging your home based on a small thumbnail picture found online (First Impression). The professional photographer will take high definition photos of your home and edit them to so your home is being represented it’s best, visually, for it’s first impression when viewed online. Our photographer has over 10 years experience in Real Estate Photography.

Starter kit of boxes-

Gary with The Box Pro will deliver to your home a starter kit that includes 20 boxes of all sizes, tape gun, tape, bubble wrap and a marking pen. You can either get this at the beginning of the listing period to help de-cluttered your home or at the closing to help start your moving process.

Seller’s Coverage Home Warranty-

We offer a free Seller’s coverage home warranty. From the day we list your home till the day we close escrow if something breaks that is covered under home warranty, we will get it repaired at no cost to you the seller. A lot of times during a escrow a water heater, air conditioner, pool pump etc will break. The last thing the seller needs to do is worry and negotiate with a buyer regarding the repair. Without fil these types of “murphy’s law” things happen in a transaction. Imagine the water heater breaking mid-escrow. That’s $1000 or so the buyer will expect you to replace or they will back out of the deal. Seller’s coverage alleviates that stress

Customer Service

Our team prides ourselves on customer satisfaction. All of these resources are at no additional cost to the seller. We consider it a cost of doing business and have a proven track record that these tools work! Give us a call to and we can show you how we market your home differently. 



Selling your home with a Top Santa Clarita Realtor, we do what other real estate agents can’t, or won’t, do!
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