Santa Clarita’s Valencia aka Awesometown..How did it get it’s name and is it truly AWESOME?

Cherrie & Zach
Published on September 27, 2013

Santa Clarita’s Valencia aka Awesometown..How did it get it’s name and is it truly AWESOME?


Awesometown Valencia’s Nickname

Despite the tongue-in-cheek name, Newhall Land and Farm, being one of the largest developers in Santa Clarita, has created an “awesome” way of life you don’t find elsewhere. Valencia and other cities within Santa Clarita are “master-planned” communities, which are created with the bigger picture of the city in mind and not just a bunch of different tracts, by different developers, staggered next to each other throughout the city. These planned out communities contain things like the Paseos, bike trails, accessible shopping centers, parks with lush landscaping as well as industrial and commercial areas and schools. They all blend together and  connect each tract, neighborhood, community and city forming one big “master-planned” community. Newhall Land and Farm continues to expand this way of life creating what Newhall Land and Farm calls their Villages, which is a specific builder tract within the development of greater neighborhood. Santa Clarita also has an open space ordinance which mandates the amount of open vacant space for the community preserving its natural beauty and  surrounding views. Awesometown has become  known for its lifestyle, schools, and ability to attract businesses.

real-estate-for-santa-clarita-Awesometown-Cherrie an Zach

real-estate-for-santa-clarita-Awesometown-Cherrie an Zach


How did Valencia get the nickname Awesometown

So why did the community developer decided Awesometown was fitting for Valencia? Newhall Land spokeswoman Marlee Lauffer said the company’s ad agency asked dozens of residents what they liked about living in Valencia, and the answers — “awesome schools, awesome walking paths, awesome town center”  Well, Citizens of Valencia  this is what we had to say about the town, it was clear that common phrase was Awesome.  After debating for a new marketing campaign Awesometown billboards went up! Awesometown is only meant for Valencia but the name Awesometown has become symbolic of the entire Santa Clarita Valley.


 Awesomoetown Schools

The education provided in Awesometown has been one of the top priorities when building its villages. Today Awesometown has an outstanding state ranking in their schools. Not only do they focus on  achieving quality education in our elementary schools, middle schools and High schools but there are also 2 colleges locally. One of the country’s top art colleges Californa Institution of Arts is central to Valencia. CalArts mission statement- “CalArts urges collaboration and reciprocity among artists, artistic disciplines and cultural traditions—both on campus and in ongoing engagement with communities near and far.” College of the Canyons is Awesometown’s local junior college. College of the Canyon’s vision “College of the Canyons is dedicated to enhancing our reputation as a leading two-year college, recognized locally, regionally and statewide for technical advancement, institutional effectiveness, student support, model academic and professional programs, excellence in teaching and learning, and the sense of community that we provide to our students and staff.”


Awesometown is close to all the amenities SoCal has to offer.

The proximityof Valencia to the amenities of Southern California is year round. Close enough to the mountain for snow in the winter yet just as close to the beaches in the summer. You can be Lakeside in minutes with Castaic Lake just outside of Santa Clarita a few minutes north. Commuting to the Greater Los Angeles Area is within reasonable distance with local train stations, park and ride locations and an expanding freeway we are commuter friendly city.


Thing to Do near Awesometown

Valencia, Santa Clarita (aka Awesometown) is a well-rounded community with everything from the casual dog park located at Central park, to nightlife with lounges and wine bars. There are many charity events and festivals that are hosted within Valencia that offer a range of activities for families and couples to enjoy. Many nearby parks, 2 separate Aquatic centers,  Six Flags Magic Mountain are all fantastic places for the family. Valencia Westfield Mall has built an beautiful outside area called the Patios which offers a variety of entertainment from restaurants to shopping.


Big businesses have been established in Awesometown

Santa Clarita has the opportunity and space for large companies. Most famous would be Six Flags Magic Mountain which employs over 3600 employees and Princess Cruises with over 2000 employees. The Santa Clarita Enterprise Zone offers new businesses tax incentives to operate inside Santa Clarita. The industrial and commercial areas in northern and western Santa Clarita were zoned as a federally recognized Enterprise Zone. Presently, the Santa Clarita Enterprise Zone covers 97% of all commercial, business, and industrial zoned land within the city of Santa Clarita and Awesometown. This zoning allows local businesses to claim hiring, sales and use tax credits. The benefits of the Enterprise Zone have brought many large and small companies to the area offering more jobs and a local commute for our residents of Awesometown.


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Santa Clarita’s Valencia aka Awesometown..How did it get it’s name and is it truly AWESOME?
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