Client Testimonials for our Real Estate Agents

Cherrie & Zach
Published on December 5, 2011

Client Testimonials for our Real Estate Agents


“Cherrie represented a unique professionalism, knowledge, trustworthiness, commitment, and dedication to myself and all of her clients. My experience was most rewarding and comfortable with her. “
Mel From Trulia Testimonials

“Being a first time buyer, Cherrie made us feel at home and welcome. She has the potential and charisma to which connected us on a personal level. “
Giovanni Sanchez From Trulia Testimonials

“During the past couple of years I have sold two homes and purchased two homes in both California and Colorado. I have also had the experience of dealing with a large amount of realtors during this period. Having the right realtor to represent you is extremely important. Especially if you want a successful close of escrow. I have personally known Cherrie Brown for at least 15 years. When I decided to move back from Colorado to Valencia, California I contacted Cherrie. Cherrie was very supportive in providing me with necessary spreadsheet data and analysis of the market both on a macro and micro level by neighborhood. Her level of detail and ability to answer questions was exceptional. If she didn’t know the answer she got the answer with supporting data. Cherrie made my transition from Colorado to California very easy. I recommend Cherrie to anyone who is considering selling their home and / or making the purchase of a home. Cherrie will go the extra distance to make your experience as pleasant as possible with consideration to this unusual market that currently exists. Cherrie has the necessary knowledge and experience to “make it happen” in this market. “
Robert Oswald From Trulia Testimonials

“Cherrie was very attentive to our needs and always was prompt with our calls! We were really happy and lucky to meet such a great Realtor!”
Shelly & Donny From Trulia Testimonials

“If it wasn’t for Cherie, we would never have saved our home! Words cannot express how dedicated and brilliant she is. She needs 100 stars!
Posted by Lky mama from Zillow Testimonials

“Cherrie was very patient with us. She spent 6 months with us looking for the perfect place. She was great to spend time with. She got all our questions answered quickly and honestly. Thanks for a great but long experience buying a house.”
Posted by Janniki from Zillow Testimonials


Client Testimonials for our Real Estate Agents
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